-led -led [led] suffix
1. if something is market-led, consumer-led etc, the market etc is the most important influence on the way that it behaves or changes:

• his espousal of aggressive market-led economics

• The economy will start a consumer-led recovery by midyear.

• Social security and other demand-led expenditures placed upward pressure on public spending.

— compare -driven, -oriented
2. used after the name of a company, organization etc to say that the company etc is leading a particular project or activity:

• a major government-led initiative for large-scale debt cancellation

* * *

-led suffix
having the thing mentioned as the most important influence: consumer/demand/market/-led »

The figures are evidence that the consumer-led recovery is still on track.

planned or controlled by a particular person or organization: »

a government-led inquiry into unfair practices

Financial and business terms. 2012.